UX Designer & Leader


UX Designer and leader – previously  ZattooUBS FX, Netflix, eMusic – advisor & consultant for creators and startups.


Jeremy Hulette

I am a user experience and product design leader and practitioner, with over 20 years experience in print and digital mediums, and a keen focus on customer and consumer service design.

I learned digital design while working for a metro weekly newspaper and completing a degree in Advertising Art in Tucson, before relocating to San Francisco in 1996. In the subsequent years I’ve worked as Graphic designer and production artist for Hearts of Space music, Creative Director for eMusic.com, Lead Designer for MP3.com, Senior Visual/Interaction Designer for Netflix, Usability and Design consultant for UBS FX Bank, and from 2012-2016 as Director of UX and Design for Zattoo in Zürich and Berlin.

I view my professional career as an ongoing journey of learning and growth, and have developed qualities and strengths that let me excel while focusing on my passion for design. Confident communicator and innovator, UX/UI problem solver, instigator of design thinking and data-informed product design.