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Zattoo TV, Design Deliverables - 2012-2016

The process of designing generates innumerable physical and digital artefacts that serve to communicate concepts and paths of exploration. This often takes the form of paper sketches, whiteboard scribbles, wireframes, low and mid-fidelity prototypes, and more.

Below are a small selection of some design artefacts I've created at Zattoo for various projects.

Highlights Page

Highlights Page

Sketches, Wireframes, and Prototype

The current Zattoo Highlights start screen was explored and designed initially via qualitative and quantitative user research (understanding user behavior for content discovery user goals), concept workshops, paper sketching, and low-fidelity wireframes. This allowed me to quickly iterate and revise ideas, and share visually with colleagues.

After refining the concept via low-fidelity static wireframes and mockups, we wanted to explore the experience and user behavior in a more dynamic context. Working together with our UI designer and web front-end developer, we created a semi-functional prototype, which was then shared with internal teams, to further confirm the direction for this new start page experience.

Subsequent revisions and improvements were made to a preview version for public testing, which we released in test groups to gain real user feedback before the initial public release in June 2015.

The final version of the Highlights page can be seen in the Zattoo Web Player section of this portfolio.

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AVOD On Demand

AVOD On Demand

 Screen Flow and Wireframes

Diagrams of Web/Mobile clients for Zattoo On Demand, an ad-supported VOD feature that was designed and developed to bring more non-linear content options to our Zattoo B2C customers in Germany and Switzerland.