UX Designer & Leader

Zattoo TV, Usability Testing - 2012-2016

User Research and Usability Testing

As part of establishing the design practice at Zattoo, I integrated regular usability testing into our product development process. The Zattoo UX design team uses a mix of the following types of usability testing:

1) Moderated In-house Testing
Normally consists of recruiting volunteers to visit the office and walking them through a moderated session observing their behavior while trying to accomplish a pre-defined set of tasks and goals. 

2) Un-moderated Remote Testing
Volunteers can participate by using the product or feature in their own environment, normally with a hosted audio/video recording solution or screen sharing app, and self-guided testing script following specific tasks.

After testing is completed, we review and analyze the results collaboratively, to share learnings and define actions for improving the user experience and business goals.